We Do Web ContentLearn Why Your Website Needs SEO

Learn Why Your Website Needs SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an important factor in how internet users will find your website.The higher a page is ranked by search engines like Google and Yahoo, the more people will discover your web pages through query searches.

Since the vast majority of internet users will only look at the first page or two of search results for any given query, your website needs to land as close to the top of the first page as possible to drive your website’s traffic.

Search engines comb through web pages searching for specific keywords and phrases (alone and in proximity to each other) as part of what determines a website’s search ranking. These keywords are not only considered by their placement in the general content of the web page, but also in the page names, headings, sub-headings, tags, and elsewhere.

Websites that do not contain these terms, or websites that have duplicate content on more than one page are negatively affecting their Google ranking.

How does SEO affect my web content? 

Web content and SEO are the two most important components in your website development. Without search engine optimization internet users will not be able to find you. Without clean, enjoyable website content they won’t stay long enough to make a purchase.

By creating multiple pages of compelling, well-written content that includes SEO keywords and quality links you can increase your overall traffic, customer usability, and ultimately your profit margins.

How can WeDOWebContent improve my Google rankings through web content?

When visitors go to your website, your web content is their first impression of your company. Paragraphs with typos, poor grammar, and badly worded sentences will keep customers from trusting your products or services. Having too little content and leaving your potential customers without answers to important questions will cause them to leave your website in search of a more satisfying competitor.

Working with a company that understands the importance of search engine optimization and its relationship to web content is vital in getting the most return on your investment (ROI).

At WeDOWebContent, our staff of professional writers and editors approach web content with athorough understanding of SEO concepts and translate those needs into the quality content that will get your website noticed and keep your customers engaged.

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