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Local Business Listing Optimization


Get Found in Your Local Market


There are a lot of considerations in the ever-critical quest to achieve local enhanced search results. You could:


For a busy professional, there’s a real temptation to put these tasks at the bottom of the “To Do” list (or pawn them off on the intern). But consider this: if you’re not taking advantage of the free listings with local search engine submission your business is missing out on some OUTSTANDING marketing opportunities!


With a highly competitive economy your business has to stand out from the crowd. Flashy advertising campaigns from your office may catch your client’s eye, but more consumers today are relying on actual customer experiences and reviews to vet out a new business.


When a potential customer is looking for goods or services they’re most likely to turn to the Internet. Performing a local search may turn up hundreds of options, and your business may rank near the top if you’re focusing on local enhanced search results!


Local Search is Much More Than Basic Business Info

If you run a physical office your business needs to be found first before you can start converting visitors into clients. A local business listing acts not only as a helpful location finder, but also as an opportunity to market your business. Many local search directories allow businesses to enhance their listings with company overviews, “about us” pages, and most importantly, client reviews.


We cannot overstate how important it is to generate local enhanced search results that utilize keyword optimization and quality content development. By doing this, your physical location can be found, you can inform your clients of your services and spread the word of your good reputation in one fell swoop.


Getting Your Business Found through Local Search Engine Submission

You can’t just add a business to Google Maps and expect that clients will come flocking to your door. While Google may be the search engine leader, there are plenty of other local search engines and directories that can provide excellent marketing opportunities.


At We Do Web Content our local search engine submission services focus on providing your business with local enhanced search results on the top business directories like:

  • Google Places (aka Google Maps);
  • Yelp;
  • Merchant Circle;
  • CitySearch;
  • Kudzu;
  • Yahoo! Local; and
  • Bing Local.


We also find business directories specifically targeted to your local area and provide you with enhanced listings wherever possible.


It’s not just about location, either, there are many industry specific business directories such as HG.org for lawyers or Health Grades for medical professionals. We Do Web Content finds the best local business directories and develops a keyword-enhanced profile to increase your reputation and promote your business locally.


Add a business to Google Maps, create a promotional offer for your eBook on Merchant Circle, and write a thank you note for a good review you received on Yelp – these are all tasks that We Do Web Content can handle when you take advantage of our local search engine submission services!


Boost Your Local Enhanced Search Results with Local Business Listings

When you just add a business to Google Maps you’re showing clients WHERE you are but not WHO you are. With local enhanced search results you can benefit from a keyword-enhanced business listing that not only catches the attention of search engines but helps inform your clients of just how great your business is!


For help with local search engine submission and getting your business found by local potential clients, contact us at 888-521-3880!