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Medical Website Design and Content: How to Build an Audience and Online Presence

Finding time to write content for a medical website can be quite difficult for many medical professionals and their staff. After spending valuable time with patients throughout the day, there might be little opportunity to address business concerns after hours – especially upkeep of a website and web presence. We Do Web Content has a team of professional content writers who are skilled in their art. They have spent thousands of hours writing, editing and researching web content that’s both valuable to searchers and of high quality. Just as a dentist can fix a cavity better than a layperson, so too can a professional copywriter provide higher-quality work than others without web writing training and experience.

Any Medical Professional Can Benefit from a Good Web Presence

There are many private practice doctors and medical professionals looking to grow their client base. Any doctor taking on new clients recognizes the value of high search rankings. Whether you’re a family medicine or primary care physician, pediatrician, OB/GYN, chiropractor, optometrist, dentist, or any other medical professional hoping to attract new clients and provide value to existing clients, you can benefit from a good web presence.

Great Medical Content Takes Time

If a medical website has in-depth, well-written articles that answer users’ queries and provide relevant information about the medical practice, it is much more likely the searcher will stay on the page, consume additional content, and share that content with others. Google and other search engines will rank web pages based on user consumption. If users consume and share the content, it tells search engines that it’s valuable, authoritative content that searchers want. Search engines are also built to crawl for consistency. Search engine spiders crawl the web constantly to see which websites are being updated. If a medical website is updated once every three months it may not be as valuable as a website that is updated three times a week. Consistent content over time is what helps websites attract an audience. Any successful business takes time and effort to grow. The same is true when building a web presence. Older websites with hundreds of great articles and videos are going to have much more value than websites with a handful of articles or videos. Fortunately, We Do Web Content can help you start to build that database of content today.

Writing Medical Content for User Consumption

There are two types of medical content that can broaden an audience. The first addresses technical, administrative, and more in-depth questions. The other addresses users’ questions about their medical condition and general health issues. Users asking administrative questions or who have more detailed queries may be ready to start a relationship with a doctor. This type of writing includes a call to action as well as some deep topics related to the area of practice. Searchers looking for this information may be willing to pick up the phone and make a telephone call to set up an appointment. The second type of medical content is more engaging and provides answers in layman’s terms rather than complicated medical terms so the user can more easily understand issues pertaining to health and medicine. These may be more general topics as the user is researching a health or medical condition. This type of content can be highly engaging on social media and often gets shared on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. When medical professionals build quality content that users readily consume, it creates lasting relationships. User consumption, interaction, and sharing of this content helps search engines determine if the content is valuable and whether it should rank well. A user who returns to a website and reads several articles tells search engines that the content is meaningful and provides value. Finding the time to create a library of engaging, useful content is challenging for a lot of medical professionals. Allow We Do Web Content to assist with this content creation to help grow your medical practice. Learn more – call us at 888-521-3880 or fill out our contact form.