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Newsletter Design and Writing


Newsletter Creation & Writing

Ready to stop agonizing over the cost of printing and mailing marketing materials?


Ready to put an end to figuring out whether “this former client” or “that business partner” is worth the expense?


Just because you don’t have any ideas for your company newsletter doesn’t mean you should go another minute without one!


Chances are you have a database of email addresses but aren’t taking full advantage it. A company newsletter is a perfect way to kick off an email marketing campaign. Not only is it much cheaper to send electronic messages, but the results are measurable unlike most traditional forms of advertising.


With every eNewsletter you deliver to someone’s inbox, you will be able to track the number of times it was opened, forwarded and how many links were clicked on. The best part is: you can use the same database to send special offers and promotions as frequently as you wish.


eNewsletter Example


But I don’t know how to start a newsletter! Guess what? You don’t have to know how to start a newsletter because WE DO! We Do Web Content makes creating a monthly newsletter a breeze with our customized company newsletter services.

You know what else? We also work with some of the most affordable leading email marketing solutions like: Constant ContactMail ChimpInfusionSoftHubSpotBlueorchid and more.


4 Low-Cost Perks of Having a Customized, Monthly e-Newsletter

Think newsletters are passé or the turf of local churches and elementary schools? Think again. Here are 4 benefits of having a monthly newsletter:

  1. It increases leads and opens the door for cross selling – We all know word-of-mouth is a powerful advertising and marketing tool. Satisfied clients and business partners who tell their friends, family or clients about your awesome services are the best (free) marketing blitz you can hope for! But how do you stay in a client’s or business partner’s mind if you don’t see them on a regular basis? A monthly eNewsletter, of course! By keeping your name in their inbox, you don’t have to worry about that whole “out of sight, out of mind” marketing blackhole.
  2. It boosts your clients’ lifetime value – Your competitors can’t “steal away” your loyal customers if your clients get a monthly reminder of your value in their lives. Every newsletter that you send shows your clients, partners and prospects that you care enough to produce useful, free info just for them.
  3. It SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY! – It’s a lot more cost-effective to grow your business by increasing revenue and referrals from your existing and former clients than it is to market to new audiences. (Not to mention the time and money you will save in printing and mailing costs!)
  4. It can mix function and fun! – The content inside your monthly newsletter doesn’t have to be a stream of dry, industry-specific articles. The beauty of marketing with newsletters is that sharing photos and out-of-the-ordinary topics is part of the strategy!


At We Do Web Content, our marketing and content experts take the time to get to know your audience and your company, so that we can speak to your perfect clients in a way that will engage and motivate them to pick up the phone today! Forget boring, carbon copy business newsletter articles that look like something generated by a machine. We make writing for newsletters an exercise in creative-but effective-stealth marketing. The best part? Your audience won’t even realize they’re being sold to!


Begin Your Newsletter Marketing Strategy Today!

If you want to make sure you’re keeping in touch with your current clients and not losing those potential client leads, contact We Do Web Content to get started with your own customized company newsletter campaign – 888-521-3880.