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SEO Copywriting Services

Do you know who your perfect client is and what information they’re searching for on the Web? If you’ve answered no to either question, you’ve come to the right place! Find out how our SEO Copywriting services can bring your business to the next level.


Creating original content is hard work, but it is critical for any successful SEO content marketing campaign. An SEO copywriter must be creative in their research and writing to create content that not only engages their readers but also calls them to act on the content’s message. Typically, article content is aimed at informing and moving a reader. Most effective articles have a theme and are written for a specific target audience.


Educate and Build Rapport – DON’T Overtly Sell

Imagine walking into a store because you are interested in its window display. Upon entering the store you are greeted by professionals who are genuinely interested in helping you learn and make an informed decision about the products or services they are selling. What a great experience.


Now, imagine entering that same store, but rather than receiving a warm welcome, the sales person is more interested in hassling you about the deal of the day. Annoying, isn’t it?


Searchers Won’t Stay on a Website that Offers No Value

The user wants to learn about what they are interested in at that particular moment, whether it is informational or to purchase a product. In either case you, the seller, have the opportunity to attract that user to your site. If you provide them with interesting content you will gain a customer for life. If you shout at them, they will never return with a coin in hand.


Unlike shopping in person where the owner can welcome their customers as they walk in and help them find what they are looking for, website owners are at a slight disadvantage in that they have to work twice as hard to gain a Web user’s trust and build credibility.


Speak Your Customer’s Language

When you write content for a website you should ask yourself two questions:

  • Why are you writing your piece; and
  • Who do you want to attract.


Once you determine your target audience you will want to address what your reader wants, is it to:

  • Purchase a product;
  • Gather statistics or research; or
  • Receive tips, instructions/next steps, or advice.


The goal is to get in the mind of your reader and write an article that will speak to their needs.


For example, if you want to write an informative article or blog post, you may want to begin with a definition followed by a useful overview of the topic. This will help your reader feel they have a good understanding of the subject.


You should also consider the tone of your message – do you want to be compassionate, sympathetic, authoritative, or motivational? All of these elements will give your Web site credibility and gain your visitor’s trust.


Professional Content Comes from SEO Writing Companies

At We Do Web Content, our SEO copywriting services are designed to produce a complete Internet marketing solution that attracts the type of clients your business wants to capture. With professionally written SEO content that answers your clients’ needs with naturally-sounding content that ranks with the search engines you can increase your exposure and convert those readers into new clients! Contact us today at 888-521-3880 to learn how your website can benefit from our SEO copywriting services!