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Strategy Team

A strategy is only as good as the experience and the brains that put it together. Otherwise you might as well throw darts at a board.

Bullseye target

At WDWC, we saw the importance of content years before the SEO industry woke up to it. We know how to make content work for you and have honed the practice over our years of experience.

But we don’t rest on our laurels. This industry continues to change. With the glut of content on the Internet now, new innovations are a must to achieve the best ROI. And we know just where those inflection points are: better targeting, more originality, and effective promotion. Simply cranking out content is no longer an optimal solution for most niches.

And what about the impact of the content you create? Once it pulls customers to you, are you optimizing its impact? Are you capturing the lead? If your strategy stops after attraction, it’s not a complete strategy. WDWC can help.

Content Writing & Strategy -- Yvette Valencia, Co-Founder & CEO

Content Marketing & Web Dev -- Alex Valencia, Co-Owner I Sales & Marketing

Content Brainstorming -- Danny Hobrock, Senior Editor

Digital Strategy -- Jeff Jockisch, Business Development Mgr

Our team is small, effective, well-respected, and well-connected. We use a network of other innovators to continually enhance our knowledge. Harness our expertise.

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