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What Our Clients Say

“The Site referenced below is mine and I was constantly ripped off by so called SEO companies. Switching to these guys has been the best business decision we have made in regards to our websites. I highly recommend WDWC and their team. If anyone wants to discuss my recommendation of them you can add me on FB and I would love to talk to anybody and tell them my awful experiences and how Jason, Alex and their team have met and exceeded my expectations since day 1.”

Jason Baril
O.E.B. Law

ken hardison, pilmma“If you find that you just don’t have time to write the content, this is an easy, economical way to do it, and it keeps your rankings going up with Google.”


Ken Hardison
President, PILMMA
Founding Partner, Hardison & Cochran

conrad saam testimonial mockingbird marketingWe’ve been hearing about the importance of content for years now – but not all content is impactful.  We Do Web Content  has an innate understanding of how to use content to make your phone ring . . . and that’s really the only content anyone should care about.

Conrad Saam
Mockingbird Marketing

barryWe Do Web Content has been great to work with. We set out with a goal of adding content and increasing traffic and that is a goal which has been achieved in spades. (We are currently at 4,500 unique visitors and almost 10,000 page views).

After the initial content strategy consultation, We Do Web Content delivered and posted the kind of content we requested in “my voice”. The biggest advantage is the saving of my time and energy from having to learn to develop search engine optimized legal Web content myself.

If you are not adding content on a regular basis, the investment you made in your website is being wasted.

You have 2 choices:

  1. ongoing, regular, diligent content development on your own-in the face of the other demands your practice and business places on you; or
  2. you can put it in the hands of the pros at We DO Web Content.

Barry G. Doyle
Founder & Owner
The Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle P.C.

benjaminI made a decision to try We Do Web Content based on the recommendations of several others in my lawyer mastermind group. They were bragging about the huge increase in visitors they were getting to their website because of the work that We Do Web Content was doing.

I have been more than pleased with their work. Not only is their writing in the personal injury field very effective both for “human readers” and for the search engine “spiders”, but they were able to quickly learn what I also wanted to accomplish for my Great Legal Marketing consulting business. What impressed me most is that they were able to write in “my voice” after a couple of consultations with me.

Their real strength is that while there are certainly many people who can write Web content you must find someone who understands both good substantive content and good search engine optimization content. I know that some of their competitors reuse content on various websites and this can be a killer for your search engine rankings.

In short, I will continue to be a raving fan and yes the number of people visiting my various websites is increasing on a monthly basis. This leads to an increasing number of potential clients coming down to my complex
marketing funnel.

Benjamin W. Glass, III
Founder & Owner
Ben Glass Law, P.C.
Great Legal Marketing, LLC.

AndrewOur law firm launched its website in early January (actually even before it was fully complete) because we wanted to have an Internet presence for an important breaking case that we were handling. Since we were launching early, we had very, very little content.

Fortunately for us, though, we had the folks at We Do Web Content on our team. Yvette and her writers quickly mobilized to learn new and developing areas of law and to put up useful, SEO rich content, that would help fill our site and get Web users to find us.

Recently, a woman from California said to me that she loved our website. It was filled with information that she couldn’t find anywhere else on the Web. That was an amazing compliment.

Thanks to the content and foundation that We Do Web Content provided to us, we have 3 to 4 spots on page 1 of Google for one of our niche practice areas! Not to mention 3,847+ visits per month, 10 solid case leads, and 5-10 Web contacts per week!

Andrew Garcia
Phillips & Garcia, P.C.

TomWe knew the executives at We Do Web Content long before the company’s inception. After working together on various projects and using our content management program, DSS, they saw firsthand that “Content is King!” Since then, they have developed their company around this concept and have been successfully helping other companies gain more online visibility.

Over the past several months we have worked with We Do Web Content on numerous websites and have been impressed by their results and quality of work. Through their efforts, we have witnessed a tremendous growth in Web visitors to our clients’ websites. The entire team at We Do Web Content is professional and it is obvious that they are passionate about their work.

For anyone who wants to significantly increase their website traffic, and fast, I would recommend calling We Do Web Content.

Tom Foster
Founder & Owner
Foster Web Marketing

CharlieI am crazy about We Do Web Content. They have been doing most of my articles and blogs for the last several weeks and I am up 1000 views in the last 4 weeks and almost tripled my page views. The average time a visitor spends on our site is 4 minutes and 14 seconds and our website’s bounce rate is between 52 and 53%. These are all positive improvements for us.

We Do Web Content is the class act of their genre notwithstanding their kick-ass can do spirit! If you think you are good enough to run with the big boys and girls and you are not afraid to be challenged to create extraordinary Web content in a team environment, then you have found your creative home.

You not only will associate with world class professionals, but you will also be working with nationally recognized clients. If you are ready for the next level of Web writing, if you require being inspired and motivated by likeminded people, if you think you are worthy of working with the best, then contact my friends Alex and Yvette Valencia.

Charlie Hofheimer
Attorney & Co-Founder
Hofheimer/Ferrebee, P.C

kennethMy law firm, LaVan & Neidenberg, is the largest Social Security Disability law firm in Florida; we have over 12,000 active clients. I have always marketed our services aggressively through television and print, however, when it came to generating leads from the Internet we failed miserably.

In 2008, I started to research companies that could assist me in developing a web presence and spent three long months looking into companies that do SEO website development, web copyrighting, and web marketing.

The question I kept going back to: do I want pay for each lead that visits my site or do I want to create a viable website business that attracts web users?

The difference between the 2 options is clear – paying for each lead is like when I advertise on television, whereas, creating a viable web presence is like building a store. Once I understood the difference, the decision became obvious – I wanted to create a website business that could sustain itself after it is created.

Next I had to decide what company to use to develop my website content – I decided to hire WeDOwebConent.com.

The Outcome

I am extremely impressed with We Do Web Content. The project coordinator is professional, always hits deadlines, and the presentation of the work is second to none.

Best of all – their services are affordable and my website brings me almost 300 new clients a month.

Kenneth LaVan, Esq.
LaVan & Neidenberg, P.A.

gyiWe chose We Do Web because they write quality legal content that is both user and search-engine friendly. Their articles are written to provide digestible information for website visitors, and at the same time, incorporate important search marketing components.

Law firm Web marketing projects on which we have partnered with We Do Web Content have seen substantial benefits in terms of targeted traffic as a result of the quality content they have provided. Their content has also increased visitor engagement and interaction with the law firm websites.

We will continue to endorse We Do Web Content because of their professional approach to legal Web content. Their customized content plan produces effective web content for law firm websites.

Gyi Tsakalakis
Executive Director

ryan kreicker testimonial hensley legal groupThe content provided by We Do Web Content is a major part of why we went from ranking on page two of Google searches to ranked #1, #2, or #3 on page one for all of our key search terms.  They were very easy to work with and the content they provided was fresh and useful for our clients.

Ryan Kreicker
Director of IT and Internet Marketing
Hensley Legal Group

kimFinding high-quality content at an affordable price can be an exercise in futility. However, we managed to do exactly that with We Do Web Content. Our experience in working with WDWC has been nothing short of favorable. They’ve provided us with entertaining and informative articles that are clean, precise and appealing to our users. In addition, they meet all deadlines in a timely fashion. We Do Web Content doesn’t just raise the bar as a content provider — they set it.

Managing Editor
WDWC exceeded my expectations. At all stages, the WDWC professionals were patient, answered my questions, and delivered high-quality services as promised. WDWC also solved a difficult long-standing Google Local listing problem. As a direct result of my working with WDWC and their consulting, my site’s traffic increased dramatically, setting new personal records for many analytics including unique visitors and page views. I highly recommend We Do Web Content.

Robert - Tennessee Attorney

Since 1999, I have used a variety of services to provide content for my website. Despite lofty promises and ironclad guarantees, not a single company ever delivered. Until We Do Web Content. I have used their services since 2012 and have been extremely satisfied with the variety and depth of the content provided. Most importantly, I am getting more traffic through my website which has resulted in new clients.

David Bressman


We Do Web Content has consistently been a boon to me in my career as a professional freelance writer. Not only do I like the people with whom I work, but the professionalism they display on a daily basis.

Getting clients to pay, pay fairly and pay on time is among the most challenging and often frustrating aspects of being a freelance writer. I am pleased to say this has never been a concern in the four-plus years I have worked with WDWC. Their rates are fair, the payment system is simple and the checks always arrive on time — how refreshing!

The team is approachable and communicative. They reply to emails in a timely manner and work diligently to provide thorough answers to a wide variety of questions. When an email won’t suffice, my editor never hesitates to schedule a phone call.

The highly organized nature of the company and the easy-to-use content management system make getting and submitting my weekly assignments quick and easy. My assignments are consistent, but also varied from week to week. Most of what I write is legal marketing copy, but special projects and lifestyle writing also factors into my workload. It’s a good mix and I’ve actually learned quite a bit of useful information while researching client projects.

I’d recommend We Do Web Content to any fellow writers — and I have! It’s not easy to find reliable, honest, ethical online writing opportunities. When you do, as I have done with WDWC, you foster that relationship for years to come.

Patricia Woolfenden Boot
Grand Rapids, MI
Journalist / Attorney Web Content Specialist