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Law Firm and Small Business Web Development & Optimization

law firm and legal websitesYour site is the digital embodiment of your business. It’s your brand. If your brand doesn’t resonate with your target audience, don’t expect a phone call. Slick and sexy is not always the way to go, but usability is extremely important now.

At WDWC we design law firm websites with the user and an integrated marketing strategy in mind. Your website should be a conversion tool for all of your marketing and advertising efforts. What does traffic matter if you’re not converting?

Secondly, your website needs to be built and managed to keep up with technical changes from the search engines and WordPresss. Our web development team acts as your webmaster and we make sure your website is healthy and make any necessary additions or changes for you on a monthly basis.

Our goal is to offer our clients affordable responsive web development packages to help you build your online presence and start collecting leads, building your list and wowing your customers.

What does your law firm or small business website include?

Responsive Web Design and Technical Web Development

law firm responsive websites


Your customers search from every device. How does your site appear to them on a smartphone,iPad or android device? Your visitors care, and Google does too. Not having a responsive website could be hurting your business. Did you know that mobile media usage is up to 51% leaving desktops at 42% and other devices at a low 7%.

What is Responsive Design?


Custom Website Content

custom web content


Your website needs to concisely describe your services and tell visitors everything they need and search for. Customizing your content to your business, your location, and your personality helps you speak to visitors in your own unique voice. Content is “KING”.  Developing a content strategy that includes your brand, culture, and voice for each stage of the buying cycle is integral to your content success.

Website content is key to your site’s & your business’s success.



Search Engine Optimization, Technical Web Development & Website Analytics

seo and website analytics


You’ll hear a lot of different ideas about what good search engine optimization (SEO) entails. The truth is, SEO isn’t one size fits all. There are several important components to SEO. Technical SEO, Content, and Links from authority sites. We’ll help you figure out what traffic you want and how to get it. Then we’ll help you analyze performance using the metrics that really matter. Who is visiting your website? What content are they reading? Are visitors clicking on your call to actions?




Social Integration

social media integrration and influencers


Social performance and finding social influencers is an essential element of most content marketing success. Your site and brand should integrate with your social networks to make sharing your content and building a social following easy for you and your visitors. Sharing your content on the right platforms can change the game for your business. Creating ads for rebranding and increasing engagement on your content is an excellent way to build your target audience.

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Website Rehab and Marketing Awesomeness

Business Refresh™ Site Redesign Packages

Sometimes you just need a fresh look and a new perspective to perk up your business. WDWC can do just that for you with quick, yet impactful improvements to your brand, Web content, and Internet marketing strategy.

Try something fresh!

Don't let the 'curse of knowledge' kill your business. Effective conversion rates depend on effective messaging.

Landing Page & LeadBox™ Design

There is nothing worse than missing out on the opportunity to convert a lead into a customer. Tailored landing pages and LeadBoxes optimize your odds.

Optimize your odds of success. 

Website Email Marketing and Automation

You have a website now what? You want your website to help build your marketing list. With our email marketing and automation systems, we can build you a list building system and conversion funnel to capture more leads from your traffic.

Web Development and Content Projects


legal Marketing and Management Experts

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