Content Conception: Step 1 – Topic Development & Research

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February 1, 2011 – The first step in developing unique, targeted SEO content that will draw in the search engine results and traffic is to know what your clients are looking for!


A snapshot of our own blog’s project plan – client plans are even larger!

When we begin working with a new client we first take the time to discuss their web traffic goals and ideal clients. Some clients look for traffic increase, while others value quality over quantity and look to target a specific market. In either case, we take note of the results they expect and begin to tailor their Web content strategy to reach these goals.

We offer several types of SEO content packages designed to create a content schedule that best suits your Internet marketing goals.
 Once the schedule is set, we need topics to write content about!

During our initial interview we discuss the types of business growth you want to work on. Whether it is client volume, business expansion, or new area marketing, we can accommodate your needs by developing custom content suited to those goals. We find out what makes your business tick, the style you want to present to your clients, and what kind of information you want to provide through your custom content.

The topics we choose are researched thoroughly with our vast network of resources. A typical client project plan takes several weeks to complete to ensure accuracy in our research and obtain approval for topics. This way our writers are well prepared to deliver the best in unique, never duplicated and always accurate Web content for your unique website!

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