How to Edit Well Fast

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How to edit well, and fast!
The first post I wrote for Copy Corner was about proofreading your website’s content and how valuable it is to your business.

I know it takes time. And I know, I know; you’re busy. I get it. But proofreading is so vital to your business’s image. So I’m going to give you a few tips on how to do it faster.

Get Organized:

Before you get started, you should consider organizing your workspace. A messy desk can leave you feeling overwhelmed and make it difficult for you to put your best foot forward.

Before I start my day, I:

  • Make sure my papers are straight and in their proper place,
  • Discard Post-It notes I no longer need, and
  • Position my keyboard and notebook just so.

Check Facts First:

When I begin a piece, I skim through it for statistics and claims I need to fact-check. Once the facts check out, I reread the piece focusing only on correcting errors relating to grammar and syntax. This way I don’t have to go back and forth between the content itself on one screen and the sources on the other.

Pro-tip: Once you’ve checked all your facts, close the windows. It will be much easier to maneuver around your browser if you don’t have to check all 15 tabs you have open.

Don’t Go Crazy:

Recognize that at times it is acceptable to leave in a sentence you might not necessarily like. If something about the sentence is bothering you, get a second opinion.

If you look up and find you’ve spent an hour editing the page, take a break. Stretch your legs; grab a sandwich or coffee. You might find the sentence you wrote or read just before you got up sounds perfectly fine now.

I’m speaking from experience here.

Have a Thesaurus Open:

A thesaurus will be your best friend. In some cases, it’ll help you determine you used a word incorrectly, or it’ll help you find a word all your readers know (e.g., using heart attack instead of myocardial infarction).

You can also use Microsoft Word’s synonyms tool.

Save Your Work — Frequently:

There is nothing worse than finishing a piece and forgetting to save it or having your computer crash mid-way through editing. Make sure you save your work every few minutes or edit the document within Google Drive. Google’s program automatically saves your work every few minutes so you don’t have to worry about it.

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