Fun Friday: Halloween Holiday 2011 Edition!

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October 28, 2011 – Halloween is right around the corner, and since we’ve got one Fun Friday blog left before Monday’s festivities, it’s only natural we see how the Internet is connecting SEO and the spookiest day of the year!

While searching for our Fun Friday content, one of the top hits we got was a slightly dated but still interesting website, SEO Halloween Costumes. It was a contest back in 2008 for SEO-related costumes, and from what we can see in the gallery, most people just didn’t get it. Makes us wonder if they did it again this year, if – like normal SEO – more people are understanding the concept!

We found one SEO software company that actually dressed up their product! Yep, SEO PowerSuitegot special Halloween graphics recently, and they’re running a contest with the games they included in the update. Pretty neat promotion!

Here’s another example of how the wonders of the Internet continue to make our lives easier. Don’t want to go through the mess and work of carving a pumpkin this year? Check out the Virtual Jack-o-Lantern where you can skip all the pumpkin goop and trips to the ER by carving a virtual pumpkin!


You’ve only got 2 more days to decide on a costume, and if you’re running low on ideas we’ve got a few SEO costumes to whip up:

  • Internet Explorer – don your best Indiana Jones-esque jungle gear, grab a fedora and carry around some explorer tools (magnifying glass, binoculars, map, etc.).
  • SPAM – A simple blue T-shirt with an iron-on transfer of the SPAM logo will send people screaming from the horror of clogged inboxes!
  • Search Engine Spider – Black shirt and pants, plus 4 extra “legs”; just remind everyone that you’re a good kind of spider because you help search engines determine their website’s keyword relevancy!
  • Google Panda –Black and white clothing with panda markings, and try on a cute panda beanie hat to complete the look.
  • Firefox – An orange and white ensemble complete with tail, ears, and fake flames, one of the better browsers out there!

Check back Monday to see what our very own Google Panda, Browser, decided to be for Halloween!

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