Growing Your Website Garden to Attract New Clients

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April 14, 2011 – If your business is like most out there you probably made the investment in a website or two to help boost clientele. Investing money in a website is one thing, but without investing the time to maintain it are you really making a smart move?


Websites are like gardens (and here we go with the farming analogies again!), they can’t just be established and left to prosper on their own. They take planning, maintenance, and care to reach their full potential. If you want a healthy crop of new clients you need to put in a little effort.

Once you’ve got a solid website up and running it’s time to sow some content seeds. It’ll take time, as does any garden, but as you keep maintaining and freshening up your website with nutritious blog posts and organic articles you’ll begin to see the fruits of your labor.

If left unattended for too long your website content can grow stale and wither, losing your ranking with the  search engines. However, this situation isn’t the end of your garden – some fresh “fertilizer” from We Do Web Content’s excellent team of writers and editors can perk it right up!

We provide organic content that’s designed to help invigorate your website and attract new clients by improving search engine rankings and offering relevant information your ideal customers are seeking. When you employ good Internet marketing strategies like website development and maintenance you’ll be enjoying the bounty of your client “crops” all year round!

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