How long do I have to wait for my SEO to boost my site traffic?

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April 7, 2010 – You’ve paid an external company to help with your SEO of your law firm’s website. They’ve talked keywords, content crawling, meta tags, and all sorts of strategies to drive more traffic to your website. So when do you see the results? You’re not going to see a huge spike overnight, as most search engines require at least 24 hours for a re-crawl of existing websites, ranking resets, and other back-end processes that determine site rankings. However, a successful SEO boost on a website has had some of our clients seeing results in as few as two weeks.

Typical SEO sessions take about 2-3 months to see drastic improvements. The more tactics your SEO specialist employs in your site improvements, the better. Your site’s success will depend on many different factors including:

  • the age of your URL (domain name)
  • navigation of your site
  • load time
  • number of in-links (other sites linking to yours)
  • and above all CONTENT.

Content is Google’s No. 1 priority since their primary purpose is to provide Web users with timely and relevant search results.

No SEO company can promise a solid increase in traffic in any set time frame; there’s just too many variables to consider to make that kind of prediction. However, a reliable SEO provider like the team at We Do Web Content will continuously work with your site to get the quickest results and continued growth. Custom SEO content is what Google is looking for, and content relevant to your practice is what your new clients desire. For affordable, quality content exclusive to YOUR website, blog and clients, contact us today!  1-888-521-3880