It’s a Two-Way Street for Getting Posts to Appear on Your Facebook Fans’ News Feeds

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Ever wonder why you see tons of posts from some Facebook pages you follow, and forget you’re a fan of a page because you never see content from it after you follow? Even if a page is posting consistently, its posts may not show up in your news feed, and there are reasons why that happens.


If you’re managing your business’ Facebook page, it’s important that you understand how Facebook decides what to show in a user’s news feed. There are two sides to the situation – the fan’s interactions and your page’s social media marketing strategy.

Your Fans Shape Their Own News Feed – And They May Not Know It

When a fan follows your page and starts seeing your posts, he can help determine how often he sees your page’s updates without even realizing it. Facebook watches how often a user interacts with a page’s posts and also tracks what types of posts he interacts with the most (photos, content links, or just plain text).

To start figuring out what types of content resonates best with your followers, run a few weeks of diverse content. Try different forms of text posts such as office news, questions, and quizzes. Types of photos to test can range from motivational quote images, appropriate Internet memes, or local shots around your office or community. Then there’s always content – test both your own business’ content and links to relevant content from trusted sources.

Another way your fans dictate what they do and don’t see in their news feeds is much more obvious, but often overlooked. Once a fan clicks the “like” button on your page, she’ll get the option to hover and select whether or not to see your posts in her news feed.


It’s a simple solution to “why am I not seeing X page’s updates?” but it also goes a step further. When a fan checks off to receive your page updates, she can also select what types of updates to see. She should be setting it to all updates so she doesn’t miss a single post, but she does have the option to limit it to most updates or only important updates.


Focus on Social Media Engagement

The more engagement we can generate from individuals on our clients’ posts, the more their posts will show up to their fans.

Posts that have no interaction whatsoever are seen as boring, so Facebook is less likely to show more of that page’s posts in user feeds. Good social media practices – like interacting with followers and posting regularly – and sharing useful, quality material is the best way to encourage engagement.

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