Lawyers: What can you offer your clients online?

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If you follow any of the big brands on social media you’ll see frequent giveaways for free burgers, product samples, and discount offers just for interacting with their page. This is a great tried and true marketing method designed to boost fan interaction and page likes – and it works!

So what does a law firm do when it really doesn’t have a physical product to give away, and doesn’t have a flat rate to “discount”?


Your Clients Still Want Free Stuff – Give Them Content!

When you don’t have an awesome physical product to give away or the ability to discount your services, you need to offer what you do best. In the case of law firms, legal information is the name of your game, so that’s what you need to be sharing and promoting – just be sure that it doesn’t constitute legal advice, of course.

If you’re syndicating quality, relevant content that relates to your followers and potential clients, it’ll be shared among your current fans and reach out to their friends and connections. This is how legal marketing is done on social media – offer useful or interesting information to keep your clients engaged.

Do you want to do an item giveaway? You still can!

You may not have products to sell, but if you’ve taken our advice on eBook marketing and published a helpful legal guide, you do have something of value to give away.

When you want to run a promotion to improve the reach of your social media profiles, one method is to offer a prize to a random person who shares your latest post. The post should be something that draws new fans to your website, so make sure it’s a link to a page on your website.

Offer up a free copy of your eBook to one lucky, randomly-selected sharer – and that’s easy to see by clicking the little notepad icon under the post to be shared. From that list of names, pick a winner, private message him/her, and ask for an e-mail to send the free eBook (or if you have physical copies, get an address, too).

If you haven’t started on your eBook yet, let We Do Web Content write it for you! In the meantime, you can still do the same giveaway event with other prizes like Starbucks gift cards – it’s just much better to give away your own promotional materials as prizes.

Post Regular Content to Keep Clients Engaged – We Can Help!

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