Making Your Marketing Messages Memorable

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December 3, 2009 – Whether you are creating taglines for your website, 140 character blurbs on Twitter, print and/or web advertisements, or even a newsletter, your main goal is to create a marketing message that connects with your customers and inspires them to act. We’ve compiled a few helpful tips to consider when creating marketing messages to help you get the most power out of a short phrase.

  1. Go for an emotional reaction – We tend to remember the taglines and advertisements that strike a personal chord and affect us in some way. Whether they make us laugh, cause a few tears, or simply take us to another place emotionally just by reading them, that impact is what becomes memorable. Using your marketing messages to emotionally connect with your audience is a great way to start a relationship and get them thinking about your brand before they even consider your competitors.
  2. Teach them something new – A great way to stand out from the crowd and assert your company as a leader in your field is to educate your potential customers about your industry. A few simple facts that may be well known to industry insiders could be a revelation for an uninformed customer. By using your expertise to market your brand, you are adding value to your reputation and convincing new clients that your company is really on top of its game.
  3. Stories and Visuals – We’ve discussed the importance of storytelling when it comes to branding, and this concept should also be applied to your marketing messages. Give your audience a great visual image and story that represents your company. This should be carefully thought out, but creating a lasting image in the minds of your customers can really make your marketing message all the more memorable. Whether your company is the smart cat that catches the mouse, the community-based local fighting for a greener planet, or the lawyer who takes on the crooked insurance companies, people love a story and if you can have them imagine and link a strong visual image to accompany that story, you’ve created a memory for those customers.

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