Online Marketing for Lawyers: Non-Reciprocal Link Building

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November 4, 2009 – Link building, both inbound and outbound, are important to the overall SEO effectiveness of your website. Links present a great opportunity to bring traffic directly to your website and also factor into the importance that search engines like Google and Bing attribute to your website, which helps with your search engine positioning.

Non-reciprocal links are one way links, meaning although a website is linking to you, you are not linking back to that website. When it comes to search engines, non-reciprocal links are valued more highly than two-way links, which is a major advantage. With non-reciprocal links you also don’t have to worry about the other website hiding the link to your website or just taking the link down all together to improve their own search engine traffic.

How to Create Non-Reciprocal Links

There are many ways to create linking opportunities for non-reciprocal links pointing to your website. The best way to achieve these links is to create quality SEO content that is filled with useful information that other people think is worth sharing. When people find such an article on your website, they will link to it from their website, hence you have achieved a non-reciprocal link. The value of these links are also weighed by their relevance, so links from websites within your industry or ones that are related to the subject of your article will be the most beneficial to your search engine rankings.

Another great way to obtain inbound links is to create web content in a directory or to publish an article on a website outside of your own (such as Ezines or filled with great (and relevant!) information, as well as your SEO keywords and company information, and of course links to your website. In addition to directories and article submission websites, you can also write and publish your articles on other industry blogs or websites that are relevant to your law practice and niche.

You should also always include valuable links in your online press releases!

Remember, the content you create for your website as well as any web content you post on external websites for link building purposes should always include the targeted SEO keywords for your law firm and practice area, which should be strategically placed in your page title, headings, subheadings, and in the body of your text.

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