Personal Injury Marketing for Law Firms Shouldn’t Be Too Personal

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If your personal injury marketing content is all about you and never about what matters most – your clients’ needs – you may be driving away business. There’s a fine line between promoting your law firm through business article marketing and becoming narcissistic. The best web content for lawyers is that which provides relevant information about the legal topic while leaving the promotional catch to a minimum.

Finding the Balance with Personal Injury Marketing

Web content for lawyers should be mainly informative and focused on the legal topic in question while also being informative about where the reader can go to get more help. A personal injury law firm is often restricted to just how promotional it can get – many external article sites ban the use of hyperlinks or inclusion of phone numbers for specific law firms.

Even with these restrictions, you can still promote your personal injury law firm with article marketing, but you also need to ensure that promotion is not the only thing your web content sets out to do.

One of the goals of web content for lawyers is to establish authority for the attorneys and firm. This is done by creating quality, relevant content unique to the firm’s website and online profiles and then distributing it through varied personal injury marketing tactics. During this process it’s important that while building your reputation is the main focus, you also need to vary your content with some non-promotional information as well.

Ideas for Mixing Up Web Content for Lawyers

Information is gold in the world of business article marketing. The more relevant and authoritative information your attorney profiles and websites distribute, the more integrity you can generate as an attorney for personal injury. Marketing for law firms can benefit from sharing authoritative information from reputable sources, just as it benefits from original authoritative articles.

Instead of always writing articles on specific injury types and a victim’s right to compensation after an accident, go beyond the law and talk about resources aside from your law firm that your clients may need. Here are some great ideas for helpful topics beyond legal advice but still related to personal injury:

  • where to find local help for rehabilitation and physical therapy;
  • tips on personal care when wheelchair bound after an accident;
  • activities to beat boredom and help healing when off from work during recovery; and
  • local resources to help with certain types of injuries.

Focusing on non-legal needs of victims is a great way to develop your firm as a concerned, knowledgeable law firm and not one of those “ambulance chaser” stereotypes. The other angle to work is the local angle – by providing resources for injury victims that are easy for them to access you can help boost your local business article marketing and attract nearby clients.

Leave the Promotion Scarce – Just Like this Business Article

Marketing is always changing and it’s no longer “me, me, me” – it’s all about the client. To learn more about the personal injury marketing strategies we can provide for your law firm, give us a call or fill out our contact form to speak with our sales manager: 888-594-5442.