SEO Copywriting Sample: Wedding Budget Statistics

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Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, as well as stressful due to the wedding budget. The offers some interesting wedding planning statistics.

Budget Wedding Planning Statistics

  • Reception 48-50%
  • Ceremony 2-3%
  • Attire 8-10%
  • Flowers 8-10%
  • Entertainment/Music 8-10%
  • Photography/Videography 10-12%
  • Stationery 2-3%
  • Wedding Rings 2-3%
  • Parking/Transportation 2-3%
  • Gifts 2-3%
  • Miscellaneous 8%

Knowing that the majority of the wedding budget is spent on the wedding reception can assist you in where to target your budget reduction exercises. You can focus on reducing the guest list, choosing less expense food to serve, and if you can find friends to do the music and photography, you’ll be a long way towards planning a wedding on a budget.

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