SEO for Lawyers: Keyword Density and Keyword Positioning

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November 11, 2009 – As any SEO content expert will tell you, correctly infusing keywords into your web content is imperative in optimizing your website for search engines; however, translating that into how many keywords to use (keyword density) and where to place them is the key to your success.

Keyword Density

There are a lot of theories about the correct percentage of keyword density, meaning the amount of times you incorporate a keyword into the body of your text in relation to the other words that make up your content. If you try to use the same keyword or phrase too many times, it may look like “keyword stuffing” to a search engine scanner, which won’t help your efforts. On the other hand, only using a keyword once in the text will not help boost your search engine results either. A good goal to keep in mind is to aim for a keyword density of about a 2-6%, meaning that if your article is 300 words, your targeted keyword or phrase should appear about 6-12 times.

To increase the effective use of your keywords, try to use them throughout the article, but make sure to include them specifically in your page titles, article titles, Meta description, and in the very first paragraph of your text. These are the areas that the search bots pay special attention to when determining relevancy.

Keyword Focus

It’s also important to keep your keyword use focused. Trying to manage 4 or 5 keyword phrases into a single piece can be a bit overwhelming. Use an individual blog or article to focus on 1 to 3 of your targeted keyword phrases. This will keep your content sounding natural and help you get the most out of your keywords and the overall message of your web content. Remember, you are writing your content for people first, search engines second, and that your web content should incorporate your keywords in a way that sounds natural in the text.

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