Social Media Advent Calendar Day 7 – Solve Client Problems

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Your social media content can be the solution to problems your clients never knew they had. The trick is to be intuitive and watchful of your clients and followers – see what they respond to, how they interact with you socially, and determine what they REALLY look for in your content.

Today’s social media tip is: Solve problems for people who talk about you, even if they don’t address you.*

Get All Your Clients on Your Radar

Watching how and where your clients interact with your social media content is one of the keys to a good social media marketing strategy. Remember that content is useless if it’s not engaging clients and prompting them to take action.

Once you’re promoting engaging content through social networking, it’s time to really watch how that promotion takes place. Are your clients sharing links to your blog on their Facebook pages? Did a follower retweet your latest car accident statistic on Twitter? Was your newsletter forwarded to someone’s aunt who may need to file a medical malpractice claim?

Watch how your content becomes social with your clients and followers and then improve upon those interactions.

Give Them More of What They Didn’t Know They Needed

When a client shares some of your social media content it could be a sign that they are trying to fix a problem. It may not be the client personally that has the issue – they may know someone who’d benefit from the information in your content.

For example, Facebook post sharing can help you measure what social media content is successful by tracking the number of people who share your posts. Just watch the little notepad icon under your post and it’ll tell you how many of your followers reposted your content.

Once you can easily see what types of content are popular amongst your followers, you need to give them more of what they want. At We Do Web Content we noticed that our holiday gift guides for lawyers were high ranking on Google search and also popular on Facebook. Therefore, we made it an annual tradition to do a new top five and give our followers more of what they wanted (even if they didn’t tell us directly).

The Best Content Doesn’t Always Get Comments

Actions speak louder than words and while your best social media content may not have a single comment, if it’s being shared, it’s doing its job. Having your clients share your content with others is just as good, if not better, than directly commenting on your blog or post. This is how social media becomes social. So when you evaluate your content’s performance, it’s important to watch how and where it’s being shared, not just how many comments it gets.

Content sitting stagnant? We Do Web Content Can Help!

If your content isn’t being shared and you could hear a pin drop in the comments section on your blog, it’s time for a content refresh! We Do Web Content can transform your old content into keyword-optimized, fresh articles and blogs that make clients and search engines sit up and take notice. If your media just isn’t as social as you’d like, let us put you back in the game!

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* Blog adapted from Fast Company’s ’36 Rules of Social Media’ infographic.