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Creating Relevant SEO Content

When you are thinking about the SEO content for your website, it’s easy to get stuck in a box. After you have your products or services pages accounted for and feel like you have enough content to basically cover those areas, it can be difficult to decide where to go next.

All great writing, including SEO content, needs to balance relevancy and style, which means thinking both inside and outside of the box when it comes to creating great content.

Opening up your SEO content to include articles and blogs that are relevant to your overall industry instead of focusing entirely on your business niche is a great way to discover new content possibilities. If there is a new innovation in your field, write a blog about your personal view on how effective this new change can be. If new legislature is in the works that may affect your business or your clients, use this as an opportunity to explain the impact this law may have.

You can and should use your position as an informational resource to include opinions and explanations of complex ideas that your potential customers can benefit from knowing more about in a language they will understand. This creates an added area of trust between you and your readers as well as helping to bulk up your content for search engines and potential customers seeking answers to these types of questions.

When your thinking about SEO content, there are a few key ideas to always keep in mind:

  • Make sure the topic is relevant to your business or industry in some capacity
  • Use humor, style, perspective, and tone to set your SEO content apart from similar articles elsewhere
  • Getting inspiration from other articles/blogs is great, just make sure you cite your sources and never plagarize content
  • Market your own services but don’t shy away from promoting other businesses, websites, etc. you believe in
  • Don’t be afraid to get a little personal, share your ideas and perspective, just be aware of the line between being informative and sharing too much personal information

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